Fudge Slabs

Yes, We are back baby! And we're not mucking around! FiveFudge presents.... Our MEGA SLABS of fudge! 800 grams of the most delicious value for money fresh fudge you'd ever want to taste, shipped direct from FiveFudge HQ to you.  You know what they say.... Fesh tastes best!

There's your classics like Russiamel, Salty C, Peanut Butter, Milk and Dark, as well as more unique flavors like LOVE fudge, Hazel Berry and dairy free fudges. All our fudge is gluten free, unless otherwise stated. Order your fudge slabs online today. Fudge is shipped on Wednesdays only. Order by 12pm Sunday to guarantee your order leaves our kitchen on Wednesday.

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