Out & About 2023

We're taking a break during January but will be back out amongst it in Feb. Keep an eye on our socials for more info. We are getting close to opening our new look online store, with stock available for order, soon.

Back to the Future

We are slowly bringing our business back to a fully sustainable model which can survive under the current climate our world is engulfed in..... We have some BIG things planned in 2023, including opening up our online store again, getting back on the travelling bandwagon and a FiveFudge rebrand. Whilst fudge is our hugely successful (and yummy) main offering, we have also successfully started offering other sweet treats and need to reflect this in our business going forward.... Any name ideas?

Current Menu Options

All subject to availability


Russiamel | Salted Caramel | Dark Raspberry | Milk Choc | Peanut Butter | Mint

Fudge Orbs

Caralicious | Peanut Butter | S'Mores

Mega Rocky Road

White Choc Biscoff | Milk Choc Oreos | Milk Choc Licorice | White Choc Tim Tam | Candy Cane Mallowpuff

Gift Packs

Jar of Treats (Including Festive themed Gift Jars)